County Home Says Goodbye

by Erika Brooks on July 15, 2012 at 11:53 am

It was a bittersweet day for residents and staff at the Muskingum County Home.

The goodbye party was held Sunday, sixteen days before the home closes for good. Former and current residents along with their families and staff held a memorial service to remember the years the County Home has been in service.

"This is just an opportunity for everybody to celebrate what we’ve had. It’s been a wonderful experience, this is just a way for all of us to say goodbye," said Tara Rock, Activity Director & Social Service Coordinator.

Tara Rock has been with the home for 24 years, and she will continue to work in the field. The celebration brought a range of emotions out of everyone in attendance, especially those who have been there the longest.

"A lot of mixed emotions, just sad for the end of the County Home but sharing the memories with the photos albums and the pictures was really nice with all the family and the friends," said Sophia Roberts, 29 years with the County Home.

The County Home will officially close its doors on July 31st. All of the residents have been re-located to other establishments around the county.