Day 2 of Stars & Stripes on the River

by WHIZ Reporter on July 4, 2012 at 6:27 am

It’s day two of "Stars and Stripes on the River" and many people are enjoying the music.

The band Marcum took the stage Wednesday afternoon at Zane’s Landing Park.

Band members Hunter Lepi, Parker Alfman and Nick Emmert have been playing as a band for two years now.

They say their sound is not something often found in today’s music scene.

"You really don’t come across many blues bands, but I guess that people that do play the blues do it for one reason, and that’s because that’s what they feel and that’s what they love, and I definitely think that the three of us love the blues, you know, we’re enthusiasts."

The group said its biggest achievement was opening for the band, Whiskey Myers at Secrest Auditorium two weeks ago.

"You understand, it’s what you want to do, I mean no question about it I think it’s what we all want to do, and pursue in our lives you know, being there on a real stage, playing for people that came just to hear music, that’s what it’s about," added Emmert.

The band said the experience was very humbling.