Drought Hits Farmers Market

by Erika Brooks on July 7, 2012 at 6:08 am

The drought has taken a toll on local farmers.

The high temperatures and little rain have put a damper on those who bring their crop to the farmers market at the Muskingum County Fairgrounds. The short rain from last weekend’s storm has helped a little, but not much.

"Things just aren’t growing as quickly. I should be harvesting bigger peppers and they’re just kind of small right now. I had a lot more things this week because the rain really helped them, so I think next week I’ll see even a bigger difference from that rain, but hopefully we’ll get another one," said Kristen Baughman of Curly Girl Farm.

The lack of rain has made tending to their crop tough. The hard packed ground makes harvesting things like carrots a lot more difficult.

Some have had to tap into their irrigation systems a month early to water their trees and produce. Which is expensive and sometimes doesn’t even help.

"We’re just taking what rain we can get, there’s really nothing we can do because as dry as it is you just couldn’t water anything as much as it needs, it would evaporate faster than you could do it," said Mark Siegrist of Siegrist Farms.

Siegrist says this is the worst drought he’s seen this early in the summer.