Drought Will Begin To Affect Consumers

by Erika Brooks on July 27, 2012 at 6:33 am

The drought has hit the farmers hard and now consumers will feel the pain.

The lack of rain and intense heat has impacted all types of farming. Grain farmers will be able to sell their crop at a high price but this has a negative effect on those who raise livestock.

"You have to feed those animals that high-priced grain and we’re hit double in this area because a lot of our pasture is not producing. If you’re not mowing your lawn, there’s nothing for the animals to eat in the pasture also," said Farm Service Agency’s Bill Huston.

Livestock producers have already begun to sell some of their herd. Meaning next year there will be a shortage, raising the price on beef and pork.

"Everybody’s going to be affected. When you have a drought of this magnitude and it’s not just a localized drought this year, I mean half the country is in some sort of drought condition. What you’re going to find out is consumers are going to pay a price also. It’s going to hit the farmers first and then probably later in the year we’re going to all see it as consumers also," said Huston.

Some farmers have changed their production plan, but Huston says no matter how much rain we get from here on out, it may be too late.