Electronic Medical Records Available to Genesis Patients

by WHIZ Reporter on July 11, 2012 at 6:34 am

Genesis Healthcare System patients now have the ability to access many of their personal health records securely with just a click of a mouse.

There are about 50 Genesis doctors who utilize a medical record system called, "Epic" and that offer a patient interface known as MyChart.

Chief Information Officer Ed Romito said the system has been in place since late 2010 and has many benefits; the most important being the ability to access medical information and history from anywhere.

"In the old world, we were in the paper chart, so that paper chart can only exist in one place at one time," said Romito.  "Now with electronic record, physicians can access that at any point of care in their offices, actually on their iPhones and iPads if they’re remote and view the patient’s record."

Romito said the free service will also allow some patients to request prescription refills, receive screening reminders and view test results.

Cancer survivor Susan Wagner uses the MyChart system and said the technology has been helpful for her when it comes to keeping track of her own medical history.

"It helps me if I have to go to a new doctor, I can just print out different things and I’m allergic to a lot of things and I keep forgetting what they are, so I print it out," said Wagner.

For more information on the MyChart system and to find out if your doctor uses the system you can visit the genesis healthcare system website at http://www.genesishcs.org and click, "Find a Doctor."