Fair Season Begins

by Erika Brooks on July 15, 2012 at 11:55 am

The Perry County fairgrounds will open its gates Monday morning.

The fair will feature the same events in years past, but there’s a brand new attraction taking place at the grandstands.

"This year we’ve got a new Friday night show, Hell Drivers, it’s a thrill show. They jump cars on ramps, drive on two wheels, crash into old cars," said Larry Weaver, Fair Board Director.

The fair has grown in size as exhibitors and 4-H clubs branch out from livestock to other projects.

"A lot more interesting projects and things now a days that the kids do that they didn’t use to do. Their beanbag toss games, that was something that was never, that’s all new stuff," said Weaver.

There’s a different show for spectators to enjoy every night, and the judging doesn’t stop at the animals. Quilts, vegetables and art projects can also win ribbons. The fair will run until July 21st in New Lexington.