Fireworks Run in the Family

by WHIZ Reporter on July 4, 2012 at 6:28 am

Days of work are about to be put to the test for Stephen Vincent and his daughter, Amelia.

"For every minute of fireworks you see in the air, we have one hour of work and preparation on the ground," said Vincent.

For the last several years, Vincent has been the man behind the scenes of, "Stars & Stripes on the River" at Zane’s Landing Park.
About 15 years ago, Vincent said he gave a ride to a man doing a local fireworks show, and the rest was history.

"I kept in contact with the guy and push comes to shove and the next year I was shooting with him," recalled Vincent.

From a young age, Amelia Vincent-Lepi has shared in her father’s enthusiasm for fireworks, so much so that as soon as she was old enough, she began helping out during his shows.

"I’ve always just been kind of interested and when I turned 18, that’s when you can become an assistant, so I started helping him," said Vincent-Lepi.

Three years later Amelia received her exhibitors permit to begin doing shows on her own and has since produced several shows including one that will launch tonight at the Zanesville Country Club.

"The finale is the most intense part, so the first time I set off my own finale, I was like, "Holy cow! This is something," recalled Vincent-Lepi.

Stephen said he was nervous at first, but admits that having his oldest daughter follow in his footsteps is truly a blast.

"I was probably more frightened for her, not for myself but for her, just, that’s my baby going out there and doing this stuff, but for a girl, that’s pretty cool for a chick, shooting fireworks, that’s way cool," said Vincent.

"Eh, you know… I’m the oldest, you’ve got to follow in your fathers footsteps, got to learn the trade of the family," added Vincent-Lepi.

With both producing their own unique fireworks displays many spectators will be wondering, "who will have the better show?"

"Every year, people say, "Where’s the best place to go?" Well obviously, the best place is over at Zane’s Landing Park," boasted Vincent.

"I have a few surprises up my sleeve that you’ll just have to come and watch to find out, I don’t want to give my secrets away," said Vincent-Lepi.

Safety is always a concern for both Vincents.

While neither father or daughter have suffered any serious injuries, they’re always in touch with one another after every show making sure everything goes off with a bang.

But still the question remains… Who will have the better show?

"Mine will be the better show," insisted Vincent.

"Well whatever you decide, it will be an exciting fourth and hopefully everyone has a wonderful holiday," added Vincent-Lepi