Genesis Hiring Local Contractors

by Kelly Choate on July 5, 2012 at 6:34 am

Genesis HealthCare System is moving forward with its planning for the new medical center.

The $125 million facility will be built on the grounds of Bethesda Hospital in Zanesville.  Chief Development Officer Alan Burns said Genesis HealthCare System is reaching out to local contractors.

"It’s the community’s medical center and the contractors are part of the community," said Burns.  "We want them to be a part of our future."

Overall management of the construction will be in the hands of Turner Construction Company’s Columbus office.  Burns said bids for construction of the new cancer center and for renovation of an existing building on the Bethesda site to house behavioral health services will be offered exclusively to local general contractors.

"There are a lot of details involved in how we go through this process," said Burns.  "Turner Construction Company has a lot more experience in this, so we’ll work with them to make sure that there’s a level playing field."

Local contractors who are interested in learning more about the bidding process are asked to call (614) 984-3000.  The full purchasing plan is available at