Nichole Hannahs

History through Pictures

by Nichole Hannahs on July 3, 2012 at 1:15 am

One area business remembers our past through pictures.

The Camera Shop now on Brandywine Boulevard used to call downtown Zanesville home and has been in business for 62 years. Over that time the shop as acquired photos from the area’s past and are putting over 200 on display that haven’t been shown before.

"We chose ones that had meaning, had people, showed older buildings, downtown Zanesville that people may be interested in seeing," said Co-owner Jodie Englehart.

The process of picking the exact pictures begins months in advance. Englehart and her husband Mark debate and look through the archive of photos on their computer. The pictures of the downtown bring back memories for everyone.

"That’s where you went. There wasn’t the mall. There wasn’t Wal-marts," said Englehart. "You went to downtown and that’s where you shopped, that’s where you ate, that’s where you got your candy and nuts and everything else."

The prints on display are for sale and copies can be made. The couple will also have a computer database so they can search for a specific photo of buildings if it isn’t on display. To see the works visit Studio 202 Gallery on 4th Street beside Zak’s on Friday beginning at 5p.m.