Home Destroyed by Fire

by Kelly Mills on July 6, 2012 at 10:15 am

A Wayne Township home and its contents are destroyed in a fire Friday afternoon that may have indirectly been caused by the recent severe weather in the area.

Firefighters from four different fire departments responded to the blaze around 4 p.m.

Wayne Township Fire Chief Don Alexander says when responding to the scene in the 2500-block of Three Towers Road they knew to call in back-up.

"When we came up Millers Lane across Wayne Ridge Road you could see the black smoke in the sky, so we immediately called for Harrison Township and Perry Township because as deathly hot as it is, it takes a tremendous amount of man power plus water out here," he says.

The South Zanesville Fire Department also responded with a cooling fan.

Chief Alexander says firefighters were in the area about an hour earlier for a report of downed power lines and he believes electrical issues may be to blame.

"It started in the corner of the living room over by the couch area, they said there was two electric plugs there. They’re not sure if they might have had a power surge, because they energized this circuit out here with electric," says Alexander.

No one was injured in the fire.

Alexander says the property owner Randy Kopchak has insurance on the building, but his son Todd and a woman who were living in the home did not have renter’s insurance.