Nichole Hannahs

Longtime Detective Retiring

by Nichole Hannahs on July 5, 2012 at 4:48 am

A longtime member of the Zanesville Police Department works his last shift.

Detective Sgt. Ric Roush has spent the last 30 years with the ZPD and the last 12 as Sergeant of Detectives. Thursday, he retired to take a new position as Director of Safety at Maysville High School.

"It’s probably going to hit me the first time I read something or turn on the news that something has happened requiring the work of detectives here and not being able to be a direct part of that," said Roush.

There are many cases in his career that have been solved and others that remain open. For those unsolved he wishes he could have brought some closure to the families.

"The last thing you want is for a homicide to go unsolved. We all have families and we can put ourselves in that situation and know how bad that must feel that the murder of their loved one has gone unsolved," explained Roush.

Roush said there are three major events that remain in his mind when thinking about the last 30 years. Those are the deaths of Mike Lutz and Robert Tanner and the arrest of two officers on federal drug charges.

When talking about Mike Lutz, Roush said, "I got to watch his son, Matt Lutz, rise through the ranks and make it all the way to Muskingum County Sheriff, I’m very proud of Matt and I care a great deal for his and his entire family."

Tanner was a close friend to Roush, "I even knew him before he got into law enforcement and he would ask advice on how to get a career in law enforcement and I had a lot of talks with him."

Roush will continue to advise those seeking careers in law enforcement. Along with his position at Maysville he’ll continue to teach criminal justice part time.

It’s unclear at this time who will take the corner office that he has called home for so many years, but Roush said whoever it is will do a great job.

The detective also thanked his wife and children for the sacrifices they made when it came to quality time because of one case or another.