New Workplace Policies Discussed

by Erika Brooks on July 10, 2012 at 6:36 am

One local organization received information on proper social networking procedures in the workplace.

Jim Evans, founder of JK Evans and Associates spoke to the Zanesville noon Rotary club today about new policies in regards to social media, representing employers but also protecting the interests of employees as well.

"They have certain rights to talk about issues among their co-workers but also trying to balance that with the interests of the employer who may feel that some of the information being discussed is confidential or sensitive." said Evans.

Evans says the internet has become an emerging problem. Policies have been in place within the workplace but with social networking, it has branched outside of the work place.

"It’s expanded out into the employee’s own homes where they’re talking on facebook or some of these other sites with their friends and co-workers and sometimes even relatives or the general public in terms of workplace issues and that’s where the problem lies from the employer’s standpoint," said Evans.

JK Evans and Associates works with companies all across Ohio specializing in policies that create a balance between employer and employee..