Pottery Festival This Weekend In Crooksville

by Erika Brooks on July 13, 2012 at 6:34 am

For anyone who missed out on the Pottery Reunion last week in Zanesville, there’s another chance to see more pottery this weekend.

The Crooksville-Roseville Pottery Festival started Thursday. This is the forty-seventh year for the festival featuring pottery donated from Burley Clay in Roseville and Hartstone in Zanesville.

"We had to branch out because our heritage down here in Crooksville and Roseville is pottery and since we only have one pottery in Crooksville and one pottery in Roseville we’re branching out more to Zanesville and stuff, we try to keep this alive," said Michael Flood Festival Co-Chairman.

After a few disappointing years at the festival, Flood and his committee took over and built it from the ground up-making each year better than the last.

"We have rides for young and the old. We have great food down here with the great vendors. We have entertainment that will go out throughout the whole two days that we’re here, Friday and Saturday. We have something for everybody," said Flood.

The festival is taking place at Crooksville Village Park, it will run through Saturday-ending with a parade through Crooksville and a closing ceremony at 10 p.m.