Protect Yourself Against Theft

by Erika Brooks on July 23, 2012 at 4:14 am

There has been a rash of vehicle break-ins in our area. Zanesville police want to offer tips so you won’t become the next victim.

The break-ins occurred at several restaurants around Zanesville and south Zanesville in the middle of the afternoon. According to Captain Tony Coury of the Z.P.D. vehicle break-ins occur frequently during the summer months.

"Don’t leave stuff that’s of value just sitting out in plan sight a lot of people have the GPS unit they leave them up on the dashboard, people have radar units, cell phones laying around. A lot of women want to stick their purse under the seat which sometimes you can see the handle sticking out," said Captain Coury.

Coury advises to be aware of your surroundings when exiting your vehicle. Park in well-lit areas, pay attention to what you’re leaving in your car and try not to be too obvious when placing things in your trunk.

"Some ladies I notice get out of their car in the busy shopping centers and walk around and put their purse in the trunk, well you just told everybody in the parking lot where your purse is at," said Captain Coury.

In this case, Coury says having the same mindset of a criminal may help you protect yourself against theft.