Riesbeck’s Now Has Ice and Water

by Erika Brooks on July 3, 2012 at 11:58 am

One Zanesville grocery store has remained open through out all the power outages and although they went without water and ice Friday and Saturday they now have all the supplies they need.

Riesbeck’s Pick ‘n’ Save on Howard Street and the South Zanesville location have re-filled their freezers and stocked their shelves.  

"We just got ice in. We were without ice for several days they would be sporadic deliveries. We have had a delivery last evening and then again today so they’re doing better at being able to keep up with it," said Rodney Price, manager at the Howard Street store.

Although they never lost power Riesbecks was unable to receive a water delivery from their warehouse, but a truckload was delivered Sunday night.

The Riesbecks in South Zanesville was one of the only grocery stores on the south end to remain open and has seen a steady flow of customers.

"It’s been very busy. We’ve had people from Newark, Mt. Vernon all over. They come in and tell us, we can’t get anything at our place. They come down for gas also because they said the gas stations are closed. So we’ve been very busy," added Price.

Howard Street does have a limit of three small bags and one large bag of ice for each customer.