Sheriff Reports Missing Handgun and Badge

by Erika Brooks on July 27, 2012 at 6:33 am

The Muskingum County Sheriff’s Office has reported a detective’s gun and badge missing.

The detective reported the items missing on Thursday. The gun is a standard issue .40 caliber glock handgun. Sheriff Matt Lutz says an investigation has been launched to find the missing weapon.

"We’re looking into the facts and circumstances, trying to figure out if he was off duty, on-duty where it happened, if somebody opened a car door that was left unlocked. Who knows what could have happened, there’s multiple scenarios that could have happened," said Sheriff Lutz.

Due to the Detective Bureau’s frequent vehicle changes and long hours Lutz says he could see how a detective could misplace a weapon. He also said they are not ruling out the badge and weapon being stolen.

A missing weapon has never occurred during his time as sheriff, and he is taking the situation very seriously.

"We don’t ever want to make excuses and we’re held to a higher standard and we should be and this detective feels terrible about it and we’re putting a lot of time right now into trying to figure out what happened to it," said Sheriff Lutz.

The sheriff’s office will continue to investigate the incident. At this time Sheriff Lutz said he is unsure whether disciplinary action will be taken against the detective.