South Zanesville Businesses and Churches Lending Assistance

by WHIZ Reporter on July 2, 2012 at 6:50 am

Residents in South Zanesville are continuing clean up efforts and local businesses and churches are lending assistance to those who need it.

Pastor Joy French has turned the basement of the South Zanesville United Methodist Church into a 24-hour cooling center for those without electricity.

"We have several church members that are either older folks or they have breathing issues, asthma conditions, and they don’t have any power," said French.

17-year-old Robert Durham has spent the last two days helping his East Fultonham neighbors cut down trees.
He came here with his brother Jonathan who suffers from medical problems to keep cool until his power is restored.

"Even though I was in the basement of the house, and though it is cooler, it still got muggy down there as well. This heat was unrelenting on all levels," said Durham.

Down the road, the Maysville Laundromat is pledging to keep the dryers tumbling 24 hours a day until the power is restored for those who need to do laundry.

"We’ve been like we are right now since Friday and yesterday was the biggest day we ever had,"

Owner Larry Maple said customers have come in from over 50 miles away and the extra clientele is providing a big boom to business.

"I’m going to be up a few extra hours than normal, but yes, people are in need and we’re here to help."

Some of the corporate chain stores are trying to help those in need of supplies.

The K-Mart store on Maysville Avenue which still sits in the dark is only accepting cash but are selling items such as water and batteries.

They are also providing medicine for customers who need refills on their prescriptions.

Wal-Mart spokeswoman Dianna Gee said the store on Maysville Avenue re-opened Sunday night thanks to the help of generators.

A water emergency remains in effect for the village.

Fiscal officer Chris Kerby said to stop all unnecessary use of water which may include washing your car and watering the lawn.

Power crews continued to work on downed power lines hoping to restore some sense of normalcy to the village.