Vineyards Not Affected By Weather

by Erika Brooks on July 27, 2012 at 6:32 am

The drought hasn’t severely harmed all crops in the area.

The grapes at Terra Cotta Vineyards are doing well in the dry weather, as it leads to more flavor. Grapes do need a lot of sunshine to produce a good crop, but drought-like conditions are preferred in the fall during harvest.

"Majority of them looks great. I have one variety on shallow ground and it’s struggling right now but i think this rain might bring it up," said Paul Roberts, a co-owner of Terra Cotta Vineyards.

The strange mix of weather this year has forced Roberts to make changes. Due to the early spring, harvest will be moved up a few weeks from September to August. He will also have to take extra care of his crop going into the off-season.

"You try to get the vines to go into winter healthy if you can. You don’t want to leave things hang too long, it draws too much energy out of the vine and overstress them," said Roberts.

Terra Cotta may even see a better than average yield this season thanks to avoiding a late-spring frost, that affected other vineyards.