Absentee Voting Applications To Be Mailed Friday

by WHIZ Reporter on August 29, 2012 at 6:24 am

Registered voters can expect to see an application in the mail Friday from the Secretary of State’s office.

Director Chris Hamill of the Muskingum County Board of Elections said those wishing to vote absentee should fill out this form.

Hamill wants to make it clear that voters will be sent the application for an absentee ballot and not the ballot itself.

"When you get this application in the mail, you need to complete it and mail it back to our office so we can mail you a ballot," Said Hamill.  "Once we receive those in, we will not mail out any ballots until October 2nd."

The request for absentee ballots is up by an average of 15% percent since 2004.

Hamill said it’s a more convenient way for voters to cast their ballot.

"I think with everybody so busy with their lives and all the activities in they have going that this is much easier," Hamill said. "For everybody to show up just strictly on Election Day I think that would be more complicated."

Overall voter turnout since 2004 has decreased.

Hamill said with the convenience of voting absentee, she thinks voter turnout should be increasing.

"With this way, you have the option to either come in our office and vote and it’s made things so much easier for a voter to be able to vote that the decrease shouldn’t happen," Hamill added.

Hamill reminds those who register to vote absentee that if they show up to a poll on Election Day, they must vote provisionally, to ensure that there is no voter fraud.