Chainsaw Masterpiece

by Erika Brooks on August 19, 2012 at 12:09 pm

Of all the exhibits at the fair one is equal parts danger and art.

Kirby Stanforth has been wielding his chainsaw and turning stumps into art for the last thirteen years. He picked up wood carving pretty easily, all it took was a few hours a day to perfect his skills.

"Got off work early so I had a couple hours every evening so I just went out and worked at it and several months later I was able to carve," said Stanforth.

Thanks to a friendship with Beckert Outdoor Power Equipment in Zanesville, Stanforth who is from West Virginia has been coming to the Muskingum County Fair for the last eight years to carve. It only takes him an hour to finish a project. Before he starts the saw he always knows what he is going to create and how to do it but he doesn’t consider himself an artist.

"They tell me all the time oh you’ve got a great gift, you’re an artist. I’m not an artist I can’t draw a stick figure I’ve just learned how to run a chainsaw, I’ve learned how to do this. It just takes time and a lot of patience," said Stanforth.

Stanforth’s finished products can be purchased at Cabela’s in Wheeling, West Virginia.