Citizens weigh in on Hillis

by WHIZ Reporter on August 20, 2012 at 6:42 am

Many citizens are expressing their opinions about the City Law Director amidst his recent charges.

Those we talked to Monday believe that Hillis would not be able to perform his duties and the proper move for him now would be to step down.

"He’s an attorney and what he did was unethical, it’d be the same as a police officer doing it. He should resign, he should be a man and resign. I think that’s awful what he did," said one woman, being critical of the situation.

"I think he should step down. I think this would be too much of a distraction for him to go on," added one gentleman.

Another gentleman told WHIZ News, "I think that he should have known better in the first place," as a woman explained, "He’s Law Director and he’s breaking the laws that he’s supposed to enforce."

"It’s illegal, A civilian would get in trouble for it, right? then yeah," stated a third gentleman.

According to the proposed resolution, an Assistant Law Director would attend regular Council meetings to advise Council members and city administrators for the remainder of the term which ends December 31, 2013.