George Hiotis

Councilman Asks Hillis To Resign, Hillis Responds

by George Hiotis on August 20, 2012 at 6:43 am

A Zanesville City Councilman says its time for the City Law Director to resign.

Republican 6th ward Councilman Steve Kilpatrick plans to introduce a resolution at the next council meeting calling for Hillis, who is a democrat, to step down.

Earlier this month Hillis was found guilty in Muskingum County Court of one count of soliciting and one count of trespassing.

Muskingum County Prosecutor Mike Haddox says a prostitute admitted that Hillis paid her to perform sexual acts. Kilpatrick’s resolution indicates that a majority Zanesville City Council has concerns about Hillis’ continuing ability to perform duties as required by law, by his office and by the needs of the Zanesville Citizenry.

The resolution continues that if Hillis stays in office it could lead to a crisis of confidence in the leadership and administration of the city and the prosecution of its laws.

Kilpatrick’s resolution adds that if Hillis refuses to resign from office a majority of Zanesville City Council calls on the President of City Council to ban Hillis from attending any regular meetings in the capacity of City Law Director.

In a memo sent to members of Council, Hillis said he and Mr. Kilpatrick had different opinions as to what is in the best interest for the city of Zanesville.

Hillis said, "Since this incident occurred I have continued to perform my job on a daily basis, just as I have for twelve and a half years. My ability to perform my job has not changed. I was elected by the citizens of Zanesville to perform a job and I will continue to perform it until my term expires."

Hillis added that he has provided legal options and advice in a quality and professional manner and said, "That has not and will not change."