Councilman: “Law Director Should Resign”

by Kelly Choate on August 26, 2012 at 10:16 am

The job status of the Zanesville City Law Director was the elephant in the room at city council Monday night.

On Thursday Scott Hillis was found guilty of soliciting and criminal trespassing charges.  Assistant Law Director Emily Tarbert filled in for Hillis at the council meeting.  City Councilman Stephen Kilpatrick was the first one to address the issue.

"There isn’t a lot that we can do, according to the Ohio Revised Code, but we could at least agree upon a resolution stating that it’s the general feel of city council that the law director has lost confidence before us, and we have concerns about his ability to do his job," said Kilpatrick.

Kilpatrick said that based on feedback that he has received from the rest of council, he’s not sure if there’s enough support for that resolution, but he will discuss the idea with other members on an individual basis before the next meeting.

"Mr. Hillis has done a more than adequate job as city law director for the last five years that I’ve worked with him, but like all elected officials, he needs to hold himself to a very high standard," said Kilpatrick.

In other news, council passed an ordinance agreeing to share state housing demolition funds with Muskingum County.