Don’t Let the Bed Bugs Bite

by WHIZ Reporter on August 8, 2012 at 6:30 am

The Zanesville-Muskingum County Health Department has noticed an increase in calls from businesses and residents regarding bed bugs.

The insects are spread by attaching themselves to clothing and personal items like luggage or purses.

Public Health Sanitarian Matt Hemmer said that bed bugs continue to be a problem for not only the community, but the nation as well.

"The best method of taking care of an infestation, if you have one, would be to contact a licensed commercial pesticide applicator, make sure that they are licensed and make sure that they do inspections and that they treat as needed," said Hemmer.

When traveling, Hemmer said it’s important to look for signs of an infestation.

If you believe that is the case Hemmer recommends you seal your mattress in a plastic bag.

Hemmer also said to wash any clothes or bed sheets that might be infested and dry them on high heat.

"What you’re looking for are things like fecal smears, live adult bugs, eggs and also shed skins. Those are good indications that you do have an infestation problem and you should alert the facility immediately," added Hemmer.

Hemmer said there are currently no requirements or laws regarding bed bugs.

Studies have shown they don’t spread disease.

For more information you can check with the Zanesville-Muskingum County Health Department.