Drivers Reminded To Play It Safe

by Kelly Choate on August 16, 2012 at 7:16 am

School zones and crosswalks will soon be filled with extra traffic as kids head back to classes.

Zanesville Police Chief Eric Lambes said extra officers will be on duty to make sure kids stay safe.

"The goal is to get the driving community back to the pattern of approaching school zones," said Lambes.  "We’re going to attack that from various means.  We’ll have some speed signs up and obviously some officers will be working a little overtime, but we just want to get the kids in and out of school safely.  That’s always our goal."

Lambes warns drivers to pay attention to school buses and give them plenty of room on the roads.  He said this is also the time of year when police see a decrease in petty crimes.

"Kids are out roaming and having more flexible time in the summer," said Lambes.  "Their bed times tend to be pushed back later in the evening, and parents pay a little bit less attention as to where their child is if there’s not school the next morning."

Zanesville City Schools reopen next Wednesday.