Fair Food Feeding the Famished

by WHIZ Reporter on August 14, 2012 at 3:40 am

It’s all good food at the Muskingum County Fairgrounds this week.

Dozens of vendors are scattered along the mid-way.

From elephant ears to ribeye steak sandwiches, food vendors say there’s a secret way to making sure every morsel satisfies a fair-goer’s craving, but it all starts with high quality ingredients.

"It starts off with good quality beef, once you have that, everything else is easy, we just go back to the old-fashioned charcoal style of grilling, we have our own little home made pit we do it with, and we just use big grates to do as many, last year I think we did over 5,000 steaks," said Volunteer Brent Iden.

Other culinary confections like caramel popcorn and deep fried snickers bars are often popular due to their sweet and salty tastes.
On hot days, a scoop of ice cream will stay cool and give fair-goers a chance to beat the heat.

"All the great flavors we have, the many different choices, and just that it doesn’t melt real fast and that it’s easy to eat," said Dippin’ Dots Vendor, Jackie Clark.

Many must-have treats come in different flavors– so many, in fact, that some say it’s impossible to try everything in one day.