Family Facing Homelessness After Storm

by Kelly Choate on August 10, 2012 at 10:36 am

"The hand of God just smacked me upside the head."

That’s how Robert French describes the night of June 29th.  Storms rolled through and destroyed his family’s trailer on Woodside Lane.

"We ended up with a 107 foot tree in our living room.  It almost killed my daughter.  She just got up out of the chair that the tree landed on."

"We heard one loud crash, and it was the back patio set coming off.  Then we heard another one, we turned around and the tree hit my chair."

A blue tarp covers the gaping hole in the roof, and since there’s still no power, the family is shacked up in a motel.

"You don’t sleep and you’re just beating your head against the wall trying to figure out how this all is going to come together."

Insurance is covering the cost of a new trailer, which is scheduled to arrive in the next few days, but their new home will be sitting in the driveway until they can come up with the cash to set it up.

"The set up cost is at least $1,000.  The mobile home commission wants $525."

To make matters even worse, Robert and his wife Jodie both suffer from serious health problems, and their daughter Stephanie is homeschooled.

"If I don’t have a home, I won’t be able to do my classes."

The family has received some support from relatives and nonprofit organizations, but it’s simply not enough.  Days spent in the motel are limited, so they’re making one final plea before homelessness becomes a reality.

"If you have any answers or can help in any way, please do.  We just want to go home."

If you’re interested in helping the family, you can call Robert French at (740) 607-5720.