Farmers Market Turnout “Dangerously Low”

by Kim Tewalt on August 29, 2012 at 6:27 am

The summer drought has taken a toll on farmers, but even with rain in the weekend forecast, farmer Mark Barnhart says it’s too little too late to help summer produce, which has affected consumer turnout.

"This market is down dangerously low to sustain it." said Barnhart. "We need to get more people here on Wednesdays’. I don’t know how long we’ll run it, it depends on how long we have produce."

While farmers have seen a decrease in their crop yield, Barnhart says there is still hope for fall crops, such as pumpkins, fall decorations, and many varieties of apples.

"They’re looking better than I had anticipated, I think there will be a fairly healthy pumpkin crop, a month ago I didn’t know if there would be any pumpkin crop." explained Barnhart.

Barnhart encourages people to come to the Wednesday and Saturday markets. He says the produce can be up to four days fresher than what’s found in grocery stores.