Frazeysburg Reveals Memorial

by Erika Brooks on August 25, 2012 at 11:51 am

A village shows their support and appreciation for the country’s veterans.

Frazeysburg revealed a mural honoring all veterans. Members of the Frazeysburg VFW, Senator Troy Balderson and local veterans attended the reveal. Frazeysburg Mayor Gary Middlemus presented the mural to the town.

"The mural is not just for veterans, because it affects everybody’s life one way or the other. That way if somebody’s just traveling through they can see it too," said Middlemus.

Local artist Sean Elliott painted and co-designed the mural with Bob Steen, a member of the American Legion. Frazeysburg’s Natasha Wortman who is currently serving in Afghanistan on her fifth deployment was featured in the painting. Wortman’s mother Darleen Turner and World War II veteran Carl Wilcox revealed the mural.

"I’m a little shook up but I’m happy. It’s going to touch a lot of people’s hearts I think. Once we unveil it and everybody sees it and sees what a real good picture it really is. We’re excited about it," said Middlemus.

The mural was completed thanks to donations from the community.