Fuel-Saving Technology Growing More Popular

by Erika Brooks on August 10, 2012 at 6:48 am

A new fuel-saving technology is becoming more popular among drivers.

The stop-start system, shuts off a vehicle’s engine when stopped for several seconds with the brake pedal applied. As soon as the brake is released the engine restarts automatically.

"Auto manufacturers have really been looking for ways to improve fuel economy. So we’ve been looking at electric vehicles, and hybrids and while those are still very relevant this seems to be the new up and coming thing in the world of automotive technology," said AAA’s Kimberley Schwind.

The technology became popular overseas and Schwind expects many American auto manufacturers will pick up the trend by next year. There are some downsides to the system.

"If you are stuck in traffic, it can really affect the heating and the air if your car is shut off for a long period of time stuck in traffic. Also it’s a bigger battery that’s more expensive so when you need to replace that battery it is going to be more expensive," said Schwind.

The first non-hybrid stop-start systems in the U.S. market will be on 2012 vehicles from BMW, Mercedes and Porsche.