Kiss the Pig

by Erika Brooks on August 17, 2012 at 6:47 am

A farm animal helped raise money for a local charity.

North Valley Bank on Maysville Pike held its first Kiss the Pig contest and Friday the votes were tallied and one lucky employee was chosen to kiss the baby pig.

"We were trying to do an event inside the bank to help raise money and give back to the community during fair week so we had some donations for different charities and our biggest event was a Kiss the Pig contest that we wanted to raise funds for the American Red Cross," said Waynette Tackett, HR officer at North Valley Bank.

Tickets were a dollar a vote, the winner was Brendan Underwood. The bank collected $660 but rounded it up for a thousand dollar donation.

"This is so awesome for the bank to step up and do this. The whole concept is so unique. This was a lot of fun this morning that they came up with something that obviously was a lot of fun for the bank and a wonderful thing to raise the money for our organization," said Marlene Henderson of the Muskingum Valley Red Cross.

Thanks to the success of the fundraiser, Kiss the Pig will become an annual event at North Valley.