Lace Up For Kids Helps Hundreds

by Kelly Choate on August 16, 2012 at 7:17 am

Hundreds of children are going back to school on the right foot.

Every year Wendy’s, Eastside Community Ministry and WHIZ organize Lace Up For Kids.  Program Committee Chairperson Sally Goins said no child leaves empty-handed.

"We’ll have plenty, and we make a commitment that if something happens or we bought the wrong size, we’ll go out and get the right ones for them," said Goins.  "Everybody who is signed up gets a pair of shoes."

Goins said the program survives on the dedication of volunteers.  Tough times have caused more families to register for free shoes.

"This year we have several hundred more people signed up than in the past, because there is a real need for help with the increasing expenses of sending your kids back to school," said Goins.

Over the years Lace Up For Kids has helped more than 16,000 kids.