Law Director Returns To City Council

by Kelly Choate on August 27, 2012 at 9:32 am

The Zanesville City Law Director made his first appearance at a council meeting in several weeks.

Scott Hillis was recently found guilty of soliciting and criminal trespassing charges.  Assistant Law Director Emily Tarbert has been taking his place at council.  City Councilman Stephen Kilpatrick is co-sponsoring a resolution that would ask Hillis to resign.

"Some of my constituents have said to me several times that they’re not sure how the law director can prosecute the law if he doesn’t comply with the law himself," said Kilpatrick.

Council has no legal authority to remove Hillis, but Kilpatrick said he believes the resolution has enough support to pass and that it will make a statement on behalf of the city.  The resolution has been postponed until the next meeting on September 10.

"The president had some questions that he wanted some assurance on before we actually brought it before council," said Kilpatrick.  "I’ve been doing some research and fine-tuning."

Councilwoman Ann Gildow is co-sponsoring the resolution.  Hillis has said repeatedly that he will not resign.