Making It Up As They Go

by WHIZ Reporter on August 6, 2012 at 1:01 am

Among the more unique arts that took place at the Y-Bridge Arts Festival was the art of improvisation.

Members of the Sparks Improv Troop captivated crowds at Zane’s Landing Park Saturday afternoon.

The group is made up of high school students from all over Muskingum County.

West Muskingum senior Ryan Chernick has been apart of the group from the beginning and said its a challenge to perform improv, given its it’s an unscripted style.

"When you do a scene, you’re just thrown right into it, and you’re a character and you have to really connect with your other actors, because there is no pre-planning and there’s no chance to really think about it, you got the idea, and you start," said Chernick.

Saturday’s show involved playing different improvisational games, including a game called "Bucket" where improvisers took turns improvising a scene and sticking their head in a bucket full of water.

Members of the audience were used during several scenes, which Chernick said gives them a chance to contribute to the show.

"A lot of people tell me, it’s just watching us up there and making everything up and having fun, because it takes a lot of energy to do it and people like to watch that energy just coming off to us, and you know they get a good laugh, and it’s a lot of fun," added Chernick.

The troop also features middle school students who take part in learning the skills of the genre.