Oil Well Explosion Injures Man

by Kelly Mills on August 16, 2012 at 8:21 am

A man is taken to the hospital by Med Flight following an oil well explosion in Coshocton County.

Emergency personell were called to 15405 County Road 3 in Pike Township around 3:30 Thursday afternoon.

"Originally we were dispatched for a grass fire. When we got there we had one gentleman that had been burned pretty well and they stated they were repairing an oil well line up in the woods and it ruptured on them and caught fire. So it turned into a small woods fire," says Asst. Chief Rich Pierce with the Frazeysburg Volunteer Fire Department.

Only one of the two men working on the oil well was injured. Pierce says he was transported by helicopter to either Akron or Columbus, with serious burns.

"I do know the gentleman’s clothes caught fire and he done what he was supposed to, got down and rolled, until extinguished. And the other guy that was there with him pulled his clothes off him," says Pierce.

The fire occurred a quarter to a half-mile into the woods which made getting equipment to the area difficult. Assistant Chief Pierce says when they arrived a 75-by-70 foot section of brush was on fire, with oil still leaking from the line. Firefighters built a dike to contain the oil and were then able to extinguish the blaze.