Powerball Jackpot Fourth Largest on Record

by WHIZ Reporter on August 15, 2012 at 6:51 am

One lucky Powerball player could walk away with a nice chunk of change Wednesday night .

The $320,000,000 jackpot is the fourth largest ever in its history.

We spoke to several people at the Muskingum County Fair who knew what they wanted to do if they won.

"I’d pay my tithes to the church first, then I’d pay off all my bills, and then I’d probably live it up," said one woman.

A second woman said, "I have a lot of relatives and friends that I would give money to, and our church, and just things like that."

One man added, "I’d probably go take a vacation or get a new vehicle, used vehicle, or go to Wheeling Island," while a second man boasted, "I’d make a lot of people happy, they’d have a lot of Christmas presents coming early."

A winner who claims their winnings in cash would walk away, after taxes, with $213,000,000.