Red Cross Preparing for Tropical Storm Isaac

by Erika Brooks on August 24, 2012 at 6:27 am

Tropical Storm Isaac is expected to hit Florida soon as a hurricane and the National Red Cross is preparing to respond if needed.

That includes deploying people from local chapters across the United States. One person from the Muskingum Valley Chapter, Jodi Billingsly left Friday.

"We are sending hundreds of Red Cross volunteers, trained volunteers down there to help out if needed. We’re preparing to set up shelters if needed, we’re also sending our emergency response vehicles down there just in case it does happen," said James Applegate with the Muskingum Valley Chapter of the Red Cross.

During a disaster it can be scary for loved ones waiting to hear whether those in the affected area are okay. The Red Cross has a new app that puts real time information on hurricane safety in hand when it’s needed.

"It’s a hurricane app. It’s got a lot of nice features it will tell you where the shelters are for your area. Uses GPS so it knows exactly where you’re at. It’s also got an I’m Safe Button, it uses social media to let your family know that you are safe," said Applegate.

The Red Cross currently has 22 emergency vehicles already in Florida, with another seventy-eight vehicles on stand-by if needed.