Ribfest Fires Up This Weekend

by Erika Brooks on August 28, 2012 at 6:26 am

Downtown Zanesville will be ready for a party this weekend.

The 9th Annual Solid Gold Ribfest fires up Friday night. The event will feature live music, vendors and of course lots of barbeque. In the past the turnout has been between 8 to 10-thousand people. Chairman Ernest Bynum says the crowd grows larger every year.

"We don’t have very much going on in Zanesville, really not much to do and I think everybody, once they come then for a year they look forward to coming again," said Bynum.

The Minorty Business Resource Network of Southeastern Ohio sponsors the event. The live music starts Friday night at 6:30 and lasts the entire evening. Bynum says it’s hard to call it quits at midnight. He encourages the community to head down, guaranteeing a great time for all.

"Everybody should come on down and have a good time. I call it a time to fraternize, network and talk to people you haven’t talked to for a long time and have a really good time," said Bynum.

The Ribfest starts Friday at 5:30 and runs until midnight Saturday, September 1st in the parking lot across from Secrest Auditorium.