Romney Shares Five-Point Plan In Zanesville

by Kelly Choate on August 14, 2012 at 10:01 am

"What a welcome.  My goodness, we were just coming for some ice cream, and I guess the word got out?"

Mitt Romney’s campaign bus rolled into Zanesville today for the second time in six months.  He rallied at Tom’s Ice Cream Bowl, calling it the perfect fit for his small business platform.

"We’re going to champion small businesses like this one right here," said Romney.  "We’re going to help small businesses, and it’s not just because we love ice cream."

Romney laid out a five-point plan that also focused on education, deficit reduction, and of course, energy.

"We’re going to take advantage of our energy, our coal, our wind, our gas, our nuclear, our oil, you name it, we’re taking advantage of our energy," said Romney.

It’s a plan that his supporters are backing…

"I think it’s energizing to see someone who will change things," said Claire Tiberio.  "We really need a change, so it was everything I had hoped for it.  It was very motivating."

…but democrats aren’t impressed with Romney’s promises.

"The Romney-Ryan budget would give an additional $250,000 tax cuts to the wealthiest Americans and would put that extra burden on middle class Ohio," said John Furek.

Romney painted a different picture of the future for the middle class and bashed President Obama’s approach to health care reform.

"This president has decided, I can’t believe it, he’s taking $760 billion out of the Medicare trust fund to pay for Obamacare," said Romney.  "I’ll put it back."

"We got to have changes in health care," said David Downey.  "The Obamacare is going to kill us."

"Paul Ryan’s radical plan for our country would end Medicare as we know it," said Jim Ruege.

Something that both sides can agree on is job creation in Ohio, but democrats credit President Obama, and republicans praise Governor John Kasich.

"You’ve got a governor here who’s pulling back the size of government, a governor who is trying to make Ohio the best place in the country for jobs, for employers, and it’s working," said Romney.  "If the guys in Washington in the White House just looked to Ohio, they would see what needs to be done to get America working."