Romney to Visit Tom’s Ice Cream Bowl

by Erika Brooks on August 10, 2012 at 6:46 am

The presidential race makes another stop in Zanesville next week.

Mitt Romney will stop at Tom’s Ice Cream Bowl on Tuesday as part of his bus tour. Romney is expected to speak around 3:30 in the afternoon to around 2,000 supporters. A local official helped choose the location.

"Our State Senator Troy Balderson recommended our place. Number one because Mitt Romney loves ice cream and number two he’s passing through Ohio and he wants to make a couple stops I believe it’s going to be here and or Chillicothe. So I said sure we’ll have Mitt, we’ll be glad to have him," said owner, Bill Sullivan.

The city will block off the street around the ice cream parlor for the rally which starts at 2:30. Sullivan will serve ice cream outside and has a special flavor called "The White House" for the presidential hopeful. Sullivan is eagerly anticipating the visit.

"I’m honored he would stop here and he would think of us and Zanesville. Zanesville ought to be very proud he picked Zanesville to stop and make a campaign stop and I’m humbled and excited to see him and excited for the event and excited for the city of Zanesville too," said Sullivan.

This is the first stop for Romney at Tom’s Ice Cream, his second in Zanesville since March.