Rooster Crowing Contest Takes Place at Fair

by Jennifer Bullock on August 16, 2012 at 6:18 am

The Muskingum County Blue Ribbon Fair was a little on the noisy side Wednesday morning…

The third day of the Rooster Crowing Contest took place near the poultry barn at the fairgrounds. 10-year-old Tom Mozena had two roosters participating, and he says the trick to get them to crow is pretty simple.

"Well, we put ours in a box overnight… So he can’t see. And then he wakes up and thinks it’s morning."

About 10 birds are judged at a time. Contestants are not allowed to touch their rooster at any time, during the 31 minute judging. Donna Hampp is the 2012 Poultry Ambassador and was a judge in Wednesday’s contest.

"Well after they bring all the birds in, everyone’s given a little notepad and a pen, and every time the rooster crows, you make a mark. And the most marks from one rooster wins."

The final judging for the most crows over the course of fair week will take place on Friday. It will feature twin brothers who are tied with 78 rooster crows each — Ethan and Owen Pettit.  This is the 40th year for the Rooster Crowing Contest.