Speaker Motivates At Rotary

by Erika Brooks on August 28, 2012 at 6:27 am

Rotary received a boost of motivation at their Tuesday meeting.

The Noon Rotary Club had a chance to receive a motivational pep talk from local speaker Phil Zehms. Zehms is a member of the Zanesville day Break Rotary Club, this was his first time to speak at the noon meeting.

"I love coming out to groups and organizations and talking about motivational things and finding out what’s going to help motivate them and help them improve themselves and improve their group or organization," said Zehms.

Zehms says businesses will contact him to speak but he also goes to high schools and assemblies. Zehms tailors his message to exactly what groups need help with. But he does have three main things that can apply to any organization.

"Customer service in general of just giving that great customer service, team building and finding that synergy within your own organization," said

Zehms enjoys getting out and speaking with people he knows from the community and helping in any way he can with different businesses around Zanesville.