Stockport Residents Concerned About Recent Crime

by WHIZ Reporter on August 7, 2012 at 10:24 am

A suspect is in custody following a bank robbery in Morgan County.

According to Morgan County Sheriff Tom Jenkins, a 23-year-old man entered the First National Bank in Stockport on Tuesday around noon.

Jenkins said the robber flashed a weapon and demanded money from a bank teller, who complied with his demand and gave the suspect an undetermined amount of cash.

The robber then fled on foot toward the Muskingum River and according to Jenkins was captured around 30 minutes later.

Those who live in the Stockport community say their small village has been the target of several recent thefts.

Alicia McBride works at the E-Z Stop Deli & Convenience Store and says Sunday night, a thief broke into a back door at the deli and made off with some cash.

According to McBride, others in town have had items plucked out of their cars.

"Here lately, we’ve had a lot of people notice that they have been getting gas stolen out of their cars and also personal items such as cameras, or phones," McBride said.

Living in a small town, McBride said word of a break-in travels fast.

She said she is concerned for her neighbors who have been victimized.

"I grew up in Stockport and I know that Stockport and all the surrounding villages in Morgan County are really small, everybody knows everyone and I’ve never thought twice about leaving my car unlocked or leaving my house unlocked and that just really makes you really second guess your safety," added McBride.

Both the stolen money and the alleged weapon were recovered by police.

The suspects name will not be released until charges are filed.