Three Arrested In Meth Lab Bust

by WHIZ Reporter on August 29, 2012 at 1:41 am

Three people are in custody after police bust a meth lab in Perry County

The Central Ohio Drug Enforcement Task Force received a tip just after 6:30 that some people had purchased supplies to make methamphetamine.

Perry County Sheriff’s Sergeant Pat Corder said authorities were able to track down a suspects’ truck to 3530 Township Road 123 in Reading Township, just outside of Somerset.

"Our CODE Task Force responded to the tip, said Sergeant Corder.  "They found the vehicle at this location, approached the door and could smell the odor of things used to make meth."

Two males and one female were taken into custody.

One child was home at the time of the bust, Corder said she was checked out and is staying with family.

Hazardous Materials crews recovered three, one-shake meth cookers from the home and the truck.

Sheriff William Barker said criminals are finding easier and more sophisticated ways to make the drug.

"Actually they can move around in cars and do them, they can go get the stuff they need, they can come in a house or a residence and make that up in a matter of just a short period of time," said Barker.  "I don’t know if it’s more of a problem as it is they’re making it easier to conceal. "

Barker said those arrested could face felony meth manufacturing charges.

Their names will not be released until they are formally charged.