WHINNY Horse Rescue Rebuilding

by Erika Brooks on August 5, 2012 at 1:19 am

The effects of the early summer storm are still being felt.

After the June storm ripped off half of their roof and ruined almost their entire supply of hay, WHINNY Horse Rescue has started to get back on their feet thanks to support from all over Ohio. They’ve replaced the roof but still need help with vet bills and restoring their hay supply.

"Right now it’s not looking very good at all. With the droughts that have gone on, hay prices are higher and that’s going to cost obviously more money for winter plus losing all those bales it makes us replace all that some of which was covered under the insurance but they didn’t cover everything that we lost either," said Aimee Cain WHINNY Board Member.

On Saturday they had a sale at their farm to help raise the extra funds. The steady support from the community has been helpful and the rescue greatly appreciates it.

"We’ve had a lot of support come in. Most people when they realize we need it, you know they’re willing to help, just getting the word out is the biggest thing. Letting people realize that yes we’re still here, yes these horses are still in need," said Cain.

They will need almost $13,000 to supply hay through the winter. If you are interested in helping the rescue, visit www.whinnyhorserescue.org.