Nichole Hannahs

Work on Culvert Continues

by Nichole Hannahs on August 7, 2012 at 6:27 am

Work continues on the culvert located on Brandywine Boulevard.

Public Service Director Mike Sims said that the project slated to finish at the end of July has received a 30 day extension. It will now have a deadline near the end of August, though Sims said it shouldn’t take that long to complete. Work is slow and steady to make sure the new pipe holds as fill is placed.

"There’s so much fill that they have to be careful about how they bring the fill up around both sides and it has to be done in equal lifts and it has to be done simultaneously," explained Sims.

The pipe also will be lined with concrete to reinforce it and project against corrosive water.

"When we first thought about the project we were just going to line the part that collapsed, but then we got to thinking it didn’t make a lot of sense while we were in there to save it for another project for fear we’d have another collapse," said Sims.

Work for the project is being done by Zemba Brothers and is being paid for partly by Ohio Public Works and a loan. 115 feet of pipe was replaced.