Zane State Science Center Update

by Kelly Choate on August 30, 2012 at 6:31 am

Plans for the newest addition to Zane State College are moving forward.

President Dr. Paul Brown met with the Muskingum County Commissioners to discuss the details of the project.  Brown said the Advanced Science and Technology Center will be located at the site of the old county home on Newark Road.

"It’s going to accommodate about 500 more students a semester here," said Brown.  "It’s going to have all of the cutting-edge technical programs that are related to the STEM fields, which is science, technology, engineering, math and medicine."

Brown said the new 40,000 square foot building will be a living lab powered by geothermal and solar energy.  The center will integrate science and technology programs that are currently spread all over campus.

"Our facilities on the other side at the OU-Z/Zane State College Campus Center are dated, so we are not only going to build more space, but we’re also going to provide learning appropriate space," said Brown.

The groundbreaking is scheduled on September 27 with the doors expected to open in the beginning of 2014.