Zanesville City Law Director Found Guilty

by Kelly Choate on August 9, 2012 at 7:22 am

Scott Hillis is familiar with sitting before a judge, but this time, the Zanesville City Law Director is the one facing charges.  Hillis pled no contest to one count of soliciting and one count of trespassing.

"I’m going to find you guilty of soliciting and criminal trespass," said visiting judge Timothy France of Coshocton County.

France found Hillis guilty of all charges and sentenced him to 30 days in jail, which was suspended, his driver’s license will be suspended for 90 days, he was fined a total of $400, and he must complete 30 hours of community service.

"I’d simply like to say that I apologize to the court, my family and to the citizens of Zanesville for my mistake," said Hillis.

That mistake stems from an incident on July 19th.  Muskingum County Prosecutor Mike Haddox said a vehicle belonging to Hillis was parked in a private driveway.  He said a prostitute admitted that Hillis paid her to perform sexual acts.

"She indicated that she was paid $60 for fellacio," said Haddox.

Judge France kept Hillis in the hot seat with a lecture about how prostitutes are victims in these situations.

"Usually they come in sexually abused and physically abused, they’re juvenile court runaways and they’re in that situation drug and alcohol dependent," said France.  "Some of those things, I don’t know, may apply to you?"

Hillis has said repeatedly that he will not resign.  Defense Attorney Mark Stubbins said the charges against his client have nothing to do with his performance as the City Law Director.

"He has accepted full responsibility and being punished, so we consider this matter closed," said Stubbins.

"I think it was a just sentence, considering the charges, and the fact that Mr. Hillis does not have a criminal history," said Haddox.  "I guess it’s up to him to decide whether he can still adequately represent the citizens of Zanesville."