Zanesville Concert Association Series

by Erika Brooks on August 20, 2012 at 12:50 pm

A group is bringing the world of performing arts to Zanesville.

The Zanesville Concert Association is kicking off its 74th season. The association will present a four concert series at Secrest Auditorium beginning in October.  

"This first concert is always designed to give people a headline name that they might know. Maybe attract some people that would not normally come to a concert or an orchestra, to get them hooked in and maybe they’ll come to the second concert and start to enjoy some other kinds of music too," said President of the Zanesville Concert Association, Mike Abood.

Around seventeen-hundred people filled the auditorium for the concerts last year. Each concert will feature different music to appealing to various audiences.

"We try to attract younger people to come in because as you get older your hearing gets more sophisticated and you like to hear more difficult music or different kinds of music other than just what you hear on the radio all the time, nothing wrong with it but you do like the variety," said Abood.

Tickets are $55 for the series. For more information visit: