ZHS Students Head Back To School Wednesday

by WHIZ Reporter on August 21, 2012 at 6:31 am

Summer vacation is coming to a close and Wednesday many students will head back to Zanesville High School.

Tuesday teachers and staff were busy getting their classrooms ready to go while others took part in professional development programs.

Principal Mark Ulbrich said students have a lot to look forward to this coming school year.

"For the first time in our building, instead of the classes being organized by content area, now there going to be organized by grade levels, So we have a 9th and 10th grade wing, and we have an 11th and 12th grade wing," said Ulbrich.

The new Muskingum Valley New Tech Academy will also open its doors to freshmen and sophomore students.

Ulbrich called it a school within a school, where students use project-based learning to prepare for the world outside of high school.

"It’s about collaboration, it’s about team work, it’s about also developing a culture of trust, respect and responsibility.  So it should be an opportunity for students of all ranges to succeed and hopefully, we want to really prepare them for the world of work and college," added Ulbrich.

Ulbrich said on the first day back, students will get to meet their teachers, get books and class schedules.

Thursday classes will proceed as normal.